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B.L.T benh
B.L.T bench
Photo by SEAED Yu Isogai
B.L.T bench





次に、「線」の状態の時はシーンによってレベルが作れるように、穴の位置をすべての箱に統一して三ヶ所開けた。 個々のレベルの変化は「点」になった際、シンポジウムなどに応じて、椅子のレベルが前列は低く、後列は高くできる事にも寄与した。

1ユニットを7つのボックスで構成し、重ねて収納すると通常の郵送規格サイズの縦奥高さ延べ1700mmで収まるサイズになっている。 高さのレベルは450mm、375mm、300mm、225mmの4段階で、側面の穴は30mmの穴を開けている。


I designed a bench for the ARCHI-DEPOT.

The museum provided a theme that is about "gathering points" and "a line which is drawn for a direction". For example, a bench in a church has function of "line" that is emphasize a one direction.On the other hand, a place where bunch of people have conversations tend to have gathered "points".


To make “the points” become “the line”, I assemble the bench by using pipe clamps and boxes of plywood.To make each of these boxes become the bench, they are simply needed to get pressed by the clamps like a sandwich. I uniformly made three holes for all boxes to be able to have different level of height at different circumstances when the bench plays role of “the line".

Also,when the bench is “the point”, height can be changed. At the moment, front row can be lower, and back row can be taller than those front row. The bench is consist of seven boxes in different sizes. These boxes are able to be a box by assembling. This box will fit the Japanese post office limitation for packege size. The size is 1700 millimeter(mm) total of width, depth, and height. The height of each box will be four types: 450mm, 375mm, 300mm, and 225mm. The holes that each box has are 30mm.


This bench that is able to easily operate both “the point” and “the line” is like a architectural model that goes back and forth between dimensions in field of architectural design.


題名:B.L.T bench

設計:永田幹 iei studio,尾形良樹+SALT

プロデュース:徳永雄太 建築倉庫ミュージアム

デザイン:永田幹 iei studio


​制作:永田幹+iei studio

所在地:〒140-0002 東京都品川区東品川2丁目6-10,建築倉庫ミュージアム


​写真:SEAED いそがい ゆう

​翻訳:Marina Mito

​■General Information

Title:B.L.T bench

Design:Kan Nagata from iei studio, Ogata Yoshiki+SALT, 

Produce:Yuta Tokunaga from ARCHI DEPOT MUSEUM

Design:Kan Nagata from iei studio

Design director:Ogata Yoshiki+SALT

Production:Kan Nagata from iei studio

Location:2-16-10, Higashisinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan, ARCHI-DEPOT

Completion:December, 2016

Photo:SEAED Yu Isogai

Translation:Marina Mito

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